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Further Information on Shawn Beane



Shawn Beane is well known in the field of law enforcement training in Illinois

and throughout the country. Shawn was one of the founding members of

both the Illinois Tactical Officers Association and the Midwest Tactical

Officers Association. He is also on the Board of Directors of the Illinois

Police Instructors and Trainers Association, and the Midwest Tactical

Officers Association. Shawn belongs to various other training organizations

including: International Association of Law Enforcement Firearm Instructors,

American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers, and National Tactical

Officers Association, among many others.


Shawn is a published author and the editor/ publisher of the Midwest Tactical

Officers Association newsletter, The Final Option. Shawn also holds more

than 40 separate instructor certificates, and is a trainer, consultant and scenario

coordinator for numerous law enforcement agencies. Since 1996, Shawn has

owned and operated his own training company, SMILE Police Training, Inc.

(for Survival Management Instincts for Law Enforcement), and has numerous

personal contacts in the police and fire equipment distribution system.


In early 2007, Shawn was asked by the village of Pingree Grove, IL to assist

them in the establishment of a police jurisdiction. After years of

sustained effort, Pingree Grove now has a department with numerous officers and a new

state of the art police building. Currently Shawn is preparing a written how-to

manual to assist others who are faced with the same daunting task of trying to

start a police department from the ground up.


Shawn has over 40 years of involvement in law enforcement as a police officer

and is currently the Chief of the Pingree Grove Police Department.



SMILE Training and Consulting    



"Let us never forget the heroes of 9-11, who gallantly gave their lives at the

World Trade Center, The Pentagon and aboard the Airplanes"